Forensic Psychological Services.


We specialize in conducting:

We also conduct forensic assessments, psychological testing, and mental health evaluations with both adults and adolescents.

We are licensed to conduct the Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest.

We provide consulting, training, and expert witness services focused on sex offending, violent offending, internet and digital sexual behavior, risk assessment, sexual harassment, community safety, and the personality dynamics of criminal offenders.  We provide training in treatment program development for both adult and adolescent offenders and we offer program evaluation services.

We collaborated with KBSolutions to develop the SSOTR which is an instrument for use in mapping the progress of both adults and adolescents during the course of sex offense treatment.  The SSOTR was recently updated to be compatible with the Risk-Needs-Responsivity, Self Regulation/Pathways, and Good Lives Model treatment approaches.  Dr. Tanner and Dr. Brake have also recently completed a paper on grooming processes that are often used by those who commit sex offenses to gain access to potential victims.

We have provided a review of the research literature pertaining to sex offender recidivism and the effectiveness of sex-offense-specific treatment.

Our clients include judicial agencies, probation and parole, prosecutors, defense attorneys, human services departments, treatment providers, and private clients.

Dr. Brake continues his work on a book on evaluating adult sex offenders.


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