Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest


We are trained and licensed by Abel Screening, Incorporated, to administer and interpret the Abel Assessment for Sexual Interests.  The Abel Assessment is a psychological test designed to provide a self-report of a client’s sexual arousal patterns as well as an objective measure of that client’s sexual interests.  While the subjective measure provides a summary of what the client wishes to tell you about his or her arousal patterns, the objective measure provides an independent assessment of the client’s sexual interests that is obtained in a way that is beyond the client’s awareness.

In addition, the client completes a questionnaire as part of the assessment which provides a complete sexual history as well as an inventory of the client’s self-reported sexual interests.  Questionnaire scales also explore whether the client presents with cognitive distortions which can facilitate inappropriate sexual behavior as well as an assessment of whether a client may display trauma symptoms related to his or her own sexual victimization.

For adult clients, probability values can be provided which estimate the likelihood that a client matches characteristics of known child molesters (including those who attempt to conceal their crimes).

The assessment is available for both males and females and can be administered to anyone 13 years of age or older.  The AASI-3 is employed for adult males and females and the AASI-2 is employed for adolescent males and females.  In addition, a special version of the Assessment, the ABID, is available for use with developmentally delayed clients.

For more information about the Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest, go to the Abel Screening, Incorporated website: www.abelscreening.com



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