Child Contact Assessments


The Colorado Sex Offender Management Board Child Contact Assessment (CCA) is intended to estimate the potential risk a convicted adult sex offender may pose to his or her own children.  It consists of some of the same protocols employed in post-conviction sex-offense-specific evaluations but also involves additional assessment instruments and interviews designed to explore more fully a client’s sexual history, personality style, empathy, and capacity for attachment.  The assessment also addresses family functioning. 

CCAs are conducted by both Dr. Brake and Ms. Sommers.  Dr. Brake assisted in the development of the CCA (and its predecessor the Parental Risk Assessment) and has conducted scores of these evaluations over the years.  Ms. Sommers has conducted CCAs since joining Stephen Brake Associates in late 2015.  Laurie Knight is also available to the team as a consultant in family functioning. 

The assessment involves extensive psychological testing with the offender (personality testing, sexual interest testing employing the Abel Assessment, tests measuring empathy and attachment capacities) and interviews with the client.  A sexual history polygraph test is also required.  The assessment may also involve interviews with the client's wife or partner, interviews with the children’s mother, and home visits. 

Please Note:  The CCA is currently under review by the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board because of a recent federal court decision (Burns v. Unites States, 2014) which suggests that a person convicted of a sex offense may be granted access to his or her children upon order or approval of the court without the approval of the client’s supervision team and without participating in a CCA.  (See Colorado SOMB notice of variance policy dated 7/8/15).   The SOMB has acknowledged that CCAs may be performed as this review proceeds as interested parties (the court, probation, treatment providers, attorneys) may wish to consider the results in making treatment and supervision decisions. 

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