Internet Sex Offenses


Millions of illicit images and videos of children can be found online.  There are thousands of websites  devoted to child pornography and collectively they are viewed over a million times per month.  Internet sex offenses sometimes consist of people simply viewing such material but can also include instances in which people  collect, share, distribute, and produce child pornography.  They can also consist of persons using the internet to engage in sex chats with children, arrange meetings with children for the purpose of having sex, and expose themselves or send nude images of themselves to children or unsuspecting adults.  Sometimes persons who commit internet sex offenses also pose a risk for in-person contact offenses and sometimes they don’t.

We conduct evaluations of a person’s risk to engage in these different kinds of internet sex offenses and of their risk to also engage in contact sex offending.  These evaluations consist of some of the same measures employed in sex-offense-specific evaluations but also employ specialized assessment tools and different methods to calculate risk.  We employ a list of digital sexual behaviors developed by Dr. Jim Tanner of KBSolutions as part of our risk assessment protocol.  To review Dr. Tanner’s list of digital sexual behaviors click here.

We also employ a tool, the Internet Progression List, that may provide some clues about a client’s potential progression from internet offending to contact offending.  Click here to view.




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