Structured Sex Offender Treatment Review (SSOTR)


The SSOTR is an evaluator-administered instrument developed by Dr. Jim Tanner of KBSolutions in consultation with Stephen Brake Associates.  It is designed to track an adult or juvenile sex offender’s progress, or lack thereof, in 31 (adult) or 33 (juvenile) treatment and supervision categories.  Each category has been identified by treatment and supervision professionals as relevant accomplishments in treatment.  A category is scored as either “yes” or “no” according to whether the offender meets explicit criteria. 

Version 3.5 of the Adult SSOTR is now available.  This new version expands and clarifies some scoring categories and includes brief wording on how the SSOTR can be used in relationship with current sex offense specific treatment models such Risk-Needs-Responsivity, Self-Regulation/Pathways, and Good Lives.  A new section allows scoring of the Adult tool according to RNR dynamic risk factors.

The SSOTR was originally developed as part of a research project for the 20th Judicial District Probation Department in Boulder, Colorado.  The department was seeking a way to “map” an offender’s participation in treatment and the SSOTR provides such a map.

The SSOTR covers three main domains of an offender’s behavior:

The SSOTR is not an assessment tool in the traditional sense but rather is a structured protocol designed to assist treatment teams in identifying “benchmark” goals in treatment and in helping teams identify and avoiding offender’s grooming, splitting, and misdirection over time.  By answering the SSOTR questions, professionals are taken through a structured review of the offender’s treatment and management processes.

Utilization of the SSOTR in the 20th Judicial District in Colorado resulted in three major benefits:

The SSOTR is not copyrighted and we (KBSolutions and Stephen Brake Associates and KBSolutions) encourage agencies to utilize it.  We ask that you credit the developers and let us know if you have suggestions that could assist us to improve the instrument.

To download the adult version of the instrument, click here.  To download the adolescent version of the instrument, click here. (Adobe Acrobat reader required).



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